Panthera Lightsaber Staff (Panthro’s new weapon)

Hello Everyone, I think after our visit from the little yellow guy, Stuart the Minion, I need to get serious again so we’re going to return to Third Earth and revisit the Thundercats! To be exact we are about to meet the big, blue cat…Panthro!

Panthro seemed to me to have an oriental based style of combat and was famous for using a weapon known as Nunchucks. However as I updated Cheetara’s staff, I decided to upgrade Panthro’s arsenal too. He is a big guy so needs a big weapon also so here is Panthera Staff…

This staff has Panthro’s influence running through it. From certain angles you can almost see Panthro’s head and pointed ears in the emitter. The black, blue and teal colour scheme recreate his animated version’s costume look. The body features double grips to give the staff multiple handling options and techniques, which coupled with his size, strength and speed make this staff formidable. As if that wasn’t enough the staff has the now famous FTE pommel to give it a power boost! The fans of Thundercats may be saying, “Hey Tyeth, Panthro uses Nunchucks! We want Nunchucks!”..well you may want to check in on tomorrow’s post which I hope will cheer you up and rectify the situation!

This concludes today’s post but please come back tomorrow as I do have an answer to the concerns of Panthro’s die-hard fans! Thank you for your support and all the comments, it means a lot to me. Till next time.

Thundercats, Panthro and Cheetara are Trademark/©Copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment.



7 thoughts on “Panthera Lightsaber Staff (Panthro’s new weapon)”

  1. Hello Paperback Princess, I too was brought up with the ‘Cats as my entertainment. I always wanted a real Thundertank, I loved the way that thing transformed with the front fenders hiding the claws. I also have Transformers hilts coming soon too! Thanks for your comments!


  2. Great design For. I really like the colour scheme.

    Your description was great, and really tied the saber’s features in well.

    I do have to offer a rare difference of opinion though, and perhaps tomorrow’s post will fix it anyway, but I, personally see Panthro as a duel wielder.

    I do see what could be a release style coupler…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Sean, thank you. I am beginning to think you may have fortune telling ability as well as a great knowledge of sabers! I think you may have given the secret away! But please come back again to see Panthro Pair!


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