Min(n)ion Lightsaber – Stuart’s Saber

Bello!…Sorry Hello Everyone, it is Friday evening here in the Outer Rim of the UK so that means most of you viewers will either be curling up in front of your entertainment devices watching a blockbuster movie or going out to the cinema to see a Friday Night Film. I on the other hand have been surfing the Internet and came across a few funny creatures. They have been around for a while so when I saw this picture taken from YouTube (I think)..

“It’s good Stuart…but it’s not a For Tyeth Edition!


I felt the little yellow guy needed a new lightsaber, one that represented him better. So here is my attempt to supply a saber to Stuart, this is Min(n)ion…

Starting at the bottom, the pommel represents Stuart’s boots. You can probably guess the blue leather grip is meant to be his bib and brace dungarees. The switch was the closest I could find that looked like Stuart’s face. If you think of the bottom switch hole as his mouth and the top hole is his eye the saber almost appears to be saying “OOOoooh!” The rounded emitter and yellow blade finish the look and are meant to be the top of his head and of course his yellow skin (do Minions have skin…like BANANAS!?) I apologise again, these mini henchmen are infectious. I think this saber is a bit of an improvement on the Lego saber Stuart is holding at the top of the page ^^^.

Hopefully you will think this is a more suitable saber for Stuart! It has been fun mixing with the Minions but sadly time is pressing and I have to get more popcorn as I’m about to settle down and watch my friend Qui-gon’s exploits again! Thank you for looking in on this saber and please come back again to see more new designs. Till next ….what Stuart there’s one more picture? Ok, here’s one more…


Minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob are Trademarks/©Copyright of Universal Studios.


8 thoughts on “Min(n)ion Lightsaber – Stuart’s Saber”

    1. Thanks Abby, I thought you may like this one. I designed it a little while back when I was studying at a Community College, all the tutors loved Minions and went round talking and laughing like them. I guess some of their enthusiasm rubbed off on me!

    1. Bello Sean, darn I mean Hello! Yeah sorry ’bout this ^^ but as I have just explained to Abby (ablogofafangirlslife) I designed this for my college tutors. I’m glad you liked the pommel though, I thought that worked well as a pair of boots. Thanks again!

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