DisHonourable Lightsaber (Inspired by another computer game)

Hello Everyone, usually I am busy trying to come up with new designs but recently I have been browsing more than normal to get to know the bigger world of blogging and see what else the Internet has to offer. In doing so I have learnt bits and pieces about all sorts of fandoms, hobbies and interests. I made a mistake of living on the lightsaber forum for much too long as the view from within it is very limited. I came across an advert on TV for a new video game that has an interesting weapon in it. The weapon is a sword with an extending/retractable blade. In the advert it looked like they used a polycarbonate lightsaber blade (probably for safety) but I felt I could try to build a replica with the builder. The game is a sequel called DisHonored 2 (developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks) and this is my attempt to honour the game, I call this saber DisHonourable…

As this sword is not a Lightsaber the blade does not light up and in real life you would remove the blade from the hilt by loosening a Retaining Screw rather than having a collapsible mechanism. However a real prop replica has been made and looks like this..


From the parts I have available to use in the Saber builder I think I have come close to building Corvo’s weapon (Corvo is the name of the character who owns this sword in the game). I have the clawed emitter, a sleek black handle with a slanted pommel and a silver pommel cap. As a bonus the saber I designed can still have an LED installed and Hey Presto, you have a Lightsaber version too!

I have mentioned I have a varied range of inspiration, but I am afraid I will have to end this post here so I may continue scouring this great invention..The Internet for more ideas! (Oh and some online shopping 😀 ). So a big thank you for looking in on this design and I hope you think I did an honourable effort with this design! Till next time.

DisHonored 2 is Trademark/©Copyright of Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks. Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks distributed by Microsoft.


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