Balance – Luke Skywalker NextGen Lightsaber

Hello Everyone, I have had a great 24hrs or so since I last posted. I have been introduced to the latest member of the blogging community, Roxy-The Paperback Puppy who is Paperback Princess’ new member of the family, and I have been introduced to a few other members of the community. So I will  say Hello to Vibrant Halcyon, Miks24l14 and Sallyporte who have visited this blog recently, thank you so much.

Another member who visits often is my friend Sean and in a recent comment he mentioned he liked Silver coloured hilts, so today I am presenting the Silver version of my Luke Skywalker NextGen series, this one is titled Balance…

This is the weapon I envisaged Luke may have, if and when balance in the Force is ever achieved. The saber has his famous Thin necked emitter with the now iconic black and silver bands. The switch section has been polished up and the copper accents give the switch a bit of interest as do the power indicator arrows on the side. Again the saber has the extended crystal chamber FTE pommel. By now you will have noticed that the blade and crystal chamber are glowing white, this I did to signify that the Force had been healed and was in “balance” hence the name for the saber. Now I created this design back in May but Disney/Lucasfilm have changed the Canon/story regarding these crystals. According to Disney, Kyber crystals are colourless to begin with and only take on a colour when the Jedi building the saber meditates on the crystal. The crystal then turns either blue or green dependant on the character of the Jedi. Red crystals used by the Sith turn red after they have been stolen and used for evil. This is now called “Bleeding”. Damaged crystals can be “healed” by a Jedi meditating on them for a second time but the crystal turns white, like Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber crystals. It would seem Disney are borrowing my ideas 😄  !

Well this brings an end to today’s presentation but before I leave, I wish to thank all my regular visitors and the fellow bloggers I mentioned at the start of this post for looking in on this saber. I hope you will return for more new designs. Till next time.

Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Jedi and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

2 thoughts on “Balance – Luke Skywalker NextGen Lightsaber”

    1. Hi Sean, glad you approve of this saber. I remembered you like silver/grey coloured hilts and I will make sure I post a few more like this. The pommel is actually a blade holder but I found a way to flip it and use it as the pommel. Thanks for your continued support.

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