Staff of Poison – Lerahk (Eddlyss64 Bionicle series)

Hello Everyone, I have another offering from my friend Eddlyss64 in the shape of the Staff of Poison owned by the Bionicle character Lerahk. Lerahk is one of the “Evil-doers” as they are called in the world of LEGO and this staff has a distinct look of evil about it. I will as always let you decide as I present Staff of Poison…

Sorry that this a small gallery but one problem with symmetrical staffs is the fact that both ends are the same! This is no reflection on Eddlyss64’s design as I think he nailed the colours and simplicity perfectly. This staff is designed to cause trouble, plain and simple and this design reflects that. Eagle eyed viewers may have noticed the emitter is similar to the ones on  Darth Maul’s double ended weapon and you would be correct, they are inspired by Maul. The Lime Green blades just epitomise the idea of poison, oozing from the mouth of the emitters. The green grips and weathered body sections match Lerahk brilliantly. I think LEGO should contact Eddlyy64 about working for them, I know he has a great love of these Bionicle characters and even has a YouTube channel where he has some very clever Stop-Motion videos starring them! You can find his channel by using this link! Eddlyss64’s YouTube Channel

As this is a shorter post than normal I will add a little bonus picture. A long time ago it was noted on the forums that I looked a little like Qui-gon Jinn and some members exchanged Memes to entertain each other, well I posted one acknowledging the similarities between the Jedi warrior and myself..


To which my great friend and owner of the Trinity saber replied “Hey For, when did you sprout wings my friend?” I said he had a great sense of humour!

Anyway back to sabers, and I would like to thank Eddlyss64 for allowing me to display his designs here. And a big thanks to you, my viewers, your support is much appreciated. Till next time.

LEGO, Bionicle and all names and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO company.


11 thoughts on “Staff of Poison – Lerahk (Eddlyss64 Bionicle series)”

      1. I have sensed your presence already and a Novelette called….Ombra! How about that for vision!
        (p.s. I will take a more in depth look ok!)

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