Luke’s Alternate Reality Lightsaber (What Luke’s Darkside saber might look like)

Hello Everyone, today we travel further than ever before, we travel through a Force Wormhole and discover Luke Skywalker’s alternate reality! The folks on the forum I contributed to have been discussing the story of Luke turning to the Darkside of the Force, this saber however I designed in May 2016 as a possible replacement if Luke ever did turn. The story is featured in Dark Horse Comics series titled Dark Empire and tells how Luke gets pulled through a wormhole while on a rescue mission. On the other side of the anomaly Luke discovers that The Emperor is still alive, using cloned bodies to facilitate his “Immortality”. The planet of Mon Cala is under attack from The Emperor’s forces and Luke is forced to surrender and become Palpatine’s apprentice. I heard this story and pondered as I do, “What would Luke’s saber look like if he turned?” This was the interpretation I came up with, Luke’s Darksider…

The incidents in the comics take place five years after the Return of the Jedi so I imagined Luke might have made modifications or repairs to the hilt. Then The Clone Emperor orders him to take a RED crystal to power it’s blade. To fit with his new standing as a Sith Apprentice Luke blackens the beautiful silver and black hilt we know and adds a crystal chamber to help control the new Sith imbued crystal he now has to use. It is this weapon the Emperor hopes Luke will use to defeat Leia, the newest hope for rebalancing the Force. Whether the Emperor’s plans succeed you will need to read the comic to find out…no spoilers here!

Thank you for looking through the “Wormhole” to check out this design, and hope you return from the other reality to see more new designs right here. I am putting new galleries together for a few Guest Designer offerings as I have neglected showing you them recently. Till next time.

The story of Luke’s Alternate Reality and turn to the Darkside appears in the Dark Empire series of comics published by Dark Horse Comics. The story material and name Dark Horse Comics are Trademark/©Copyright of Dark Horse Comics Publishing.


2 thoughts on “Luke’s Alternate Reality Lightsaber (What Luke’s Darkside saber might look like)”

    1. Hello Sean, glad you like it. There is a strong storyline behind the design but sadly Disney dismissed the Extended Universe (though they do seem to be picking certain characters/storylines and changing names to suit themselves!). There are 3 more versions of this saber which I will post shortly. Thanks again.

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