SPIRIT Lightsaber (DEK Medwyn’s Elements)

Hello again Everyone, thank you all for the well wishes from my earlier post, now I have to get back to work. However I have a treat for us all in the shape of the final instalment of the Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn’s Elements saber collection. I have been privileged and honoured to host these designs on my site. The five Elements Forms have been a great inspiration to me and in this final fifth Form the Elements combine!


When a warrior becomes “attuned” to the techniques he or she performs and they become second nature something special happens. The warrior no longer thinks or reacts but opens themselves to a subconscious level. They are the moves and the moves are the warrior, as one. Not having to consciously think about what they are doing gives the warrior a freedom, and that freedom produces the chain of movement. That state of body, mind and weapon become one, they become SPIRIT…

This is SPIRIT and is more of a symbolic weapon. It represents the five Element Forms, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, WIND and SPIRIT itself. The saber has a spirit like look, being finished in all silver with a grey wrapped grip body. The top and bottom of the saber has very special symbolic meanings, firstly I will explain the significance of the FTE Pommel. Regular visitors to this site know the initials, FTE, refer to For Tyeth Emitter/Pommel, but not this time. In this case FTE represents “For The Elements”. Here the forms’ essences gather to guide the weapon. From the pommel the essences travel through the hilt and blend together to form SPIRIT before being projected from the clawed emitter.This emitter has six claws, one for each form. But wait, “there are five forms but six claws?” I hear you say and you would be correct. There is five claws one for each form and the sixth represents the Warrior that wields the saber. Finally the true essence of the warrior, Forms and saber project from the emitter as a white, pure, blade. A blade to protect the people and the planet.

Sadly that is the end of the series, but good news, it is not the end of the story of the Distant Earth Knighthood! Master Medwyn and the Knighthood have set plans in motion to produce their own website dedicated to the Elements Forms and the Knighthood’s activities and when the site is fully up and running I will post links to it here. In the meantime here is a link to their YouTube Channel: Distant Earth Knighthood YouTube Channel .

This project as I said earlier has been a great privilege to bring to you all and I would like to thank Master Medwyn and the Knighthood one more time for their inspiration and support. I need to thank you the visitors to this site too, for supporting the Knighthood and myself. I hope you have enjoyed SPIRIT and the forms. Till next time.

Distant Earth Knighthood and the DEK are ©Copyright of The Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn, used with permission.




5 thoughts on “SPIRIT Lightsaber (DEK Medwyn’s Elements)”

  1. A splendid conclusion, thank you for the whole series, I love all the sabers you designed for the Element forms! Hard to pick one favourite hilt over the others as all of them are so thoughfully representing the concept behind.
    I like the flow of the Spirit here from the “FTE pommel” throught the hilt and emitter and those claws really elevate the whole hilt to sacred level! It’s like a Spirit scepter…

    1. Thank you Master Medwyn I am honoured. The good news is you don’t have to choose a favourite as I am about to send the files to you for ALL the sabers! I wish you and the Knighthood all the best in your future endeavours and please keep in touch to let us know your progress!

    1. Thank you Sean, I will have to remember you like Grey and post a few more in that finish! (however they may pale in comparison to your magnificent saber I have seen 😀 )

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