Happy Birthday For Tyeth! (celebrating my first year)

Hello Everyone, yes today the 12th Nov is For Tyeth’s birthday! Wow I have been in this hobby for a whole year, (15 months if you take into account the time I spent researching). I became the formative version of For Tyeth when I ordered my first and so far only custom lightsaber and joined the forum linked to the company that made it.

My first post as Stan, the name changed on DEC 17th I’ll explain below.

My saber is a Saberforge Disciple with a gorgeous 12W Green blade and it has sound too! The Bal’Demnian Blade is the name I gave my saber (the name comes from the backstory I wrote for my character if I ever get to cosplay!). The grip has black reptile scaled leather and feels as if it was made for my hand. Here are a few pics of The Bal’Demnian Blade..

This beautiful saber arrived a little late for my (official) For-tieth birthday (get the joke? It’s how I got the name For Tyeth 😀 ) but I did get to see The Force Awakens which opened on the same day! My saber arrived a week later on Christmas Eve. It was the perfect  birthday and Christmas present rolled into one!

So that is my personal saber, now you know what I carry onto the battlefield on my journeys around the Galaxy not too far away. I was going to recount my experience on the forum for the last year and the events that lead me to be here. But as Maz Kanata tells Rey, “The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead”. I feel that going over the incidents wouldn’t serve any use. I need to focus on the here and now, my reality, and that reality is FTSabersite and you,  the visitors and followers, who support this site.

You will have to excuse me but I will have to end here as I am getting old and emotional 😀 ! Thank you for visiting me on my “birthday” and please hang around because later today I will be bringing you all an uplifting and special design to conclude the Medwyn DEK Elements collection of sabers! Till later today.

The “Disciple” saber is available from Saberforge. Their website can be found at Saberforge.com.(There is a link in the right hand sidebar)

Rey and Maz Kanata are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday For Tyeth! (celebrating my first year)”

  1. Hey ya For!

    Happy day to you my friend. 🙂
    Great looking saber – extremely bright!
    Nice choice on the wrap material as well. 🙂

    I’m happy to be here, and look forward to seeing your creations, and reading of your hi-jinx. 😛

    Cheers mate.

    1. Hello Sean, thanks, I spent a lot of time researching before I finally accepted that the saber had “chosen me”! I will have to get one from “The Other Guys” too for balance, maybe a Prophecy!
      Hi-jinks? Me? 😀 I’m too busy designing!

  2. A bit late to the party but wishing you a happy birthday, For Tyfirst! 🙂
    I’ll catch up in January and carry the flag forward to be “For Tyeth” for a year…

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