WIND Lightsabers -DEK Master Medwyn’s Elements

Hello Everyone, today we take to the sky that sits above and around the planet we call home. The sky is full of currents of warm and cold air, forever swirling in patterns around the globe. We call these currents the wind. The DEK and Master Medwyn took this inspiration of flow and created the lightsaber form known as WIND. The form is ever moving with the centre remaining calm like the eye of the Hurricane. At the centre of the storm the warrior can observe their situation and determine his/her next move. This form is perfect for large scale, multiple opponent situations or melee. The Lightsaber “gusting” through or around enemies or obstacles like air travelling through the branches of trees.


Master Medwyn demonstrates this form in a video on the Distant Earth Knighthood YouTube channel. You can link to the channel and video by clicking Distant Earth Knighthood YouTube Channel

Now onto the sabers here are my WIND Element sabers…

When you watch the video you will notice that Master Medwyn is wielding two blades, and they are different colours. This helps to show how the warm air moves and the resulting space is filled by the cold air, the first blade moves then the second follows and sometimes move in unison. When warm and cold air work together like this in nature the most powerful WIND develops. I mentioned the most powerful wind earlier in this post, the Hurricane, and I hope the Knighthood don’t mind but I have taken their concept form one tiny step further. These two sabers are special because they can do this..


Yes, the two can combine to make a Superstorm staff! The staff spins around a calm centre but produces great energy at it’s extremes just like the Hurricane. Then when the battle ends, the winds calm to a breeze and the sabers separate. The warrior can then extinguish their sabers, storing the energy of the form back in the hilts.

I wish to thank the Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn for their support and inspiration. I also want to thank you for looking in. You may have worked out there is one more saber in this collection which I hope you will join me for on Saturday for a VERY SPECIAL DOUBLE POST. I have a computer game inspired hilt and a Magic Wand also lined up in my next posts. Till next time.

Distant Earth Knighthood and the DEK are ©Copyright of the Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn, used with permission.


5 thoughts on “WIND Lightsabers -DEK Master Medwyn’s Elements”

  1. These interpretations are top-of-the-range holocron materials!
    Beautiful hilt, adequate blade colours and the superstorm staff is just wonderful!
    Thank you again!
    (The DEK website is under construction, I hope to release a beta build in the next few days – I’ll contact you about your saber designs because I’d like to display them on the site! :))

  2. Hello Master Medwyn, that is exciting and intriguing news regarding the DEK website and it would be my honour this time to have my work displayed on it. So glad you like the design and thank you for your kind words.

  3. Great design For!

    I really like how you described the hurricane forces along with the staff pic as well. Great mental image. 🙂

    Congrats on the DEK site. 🙂

  4. Hello Sean, thank you for your comments, the design had very strong inspiration from the WIND form which really helped. Glad you liked it. And news of a possible DEK site excites me very much!

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