Fire Lightsaber – DEK Medwyn’s Elements

Hello Everyone, today I am excited as we get to see the next saber in the Elements series inspired by Master Medwyn and the Distant Earth Knighthood.


Fire, a more aggressive form always flicking out strikes and keeping the opponent on the defensive. This form allows the warrior to take the front foot as it were in close quarter combat, where one technique is quickly followed by the second then third just like the flames dancing in a fire. In the video you can see on the Distant Earth Knighthood YouTube Channel, Master Medwyn demonstrates the form. Here is a link to the DEK YouTube Channel: Distant Earth Knighthood YouTube Channel

In a poor attempt to deconstruct the techniques and create a list of the strikes, parries and blocks I counted at least 29 distinct techniques in approximately 30 secs of footage. And I will have made mistakes, there could have been more. The form modifies some of the traditional techniques found in other Lightsaber forms in the Star Wars Universe and blends them technically and physically into Fire.

The form needs a saber capable of directing such offensive power effectively, this is my attempt to harness FIRE…

The saber is a simple design with little in the way to distract the user. The blade is flame orange and stands out brightly against the gloss black hilt, a contrast. Just as the blade is orange and the hilt is black…Water is a defensive form and Fire is an offensive contrast in the build up of the Elements. On a technical note there is a nice choke point to help handle the saber during the Orbit (spinning) based techniques. The recessed switches as mentioned, means there are no controls to get in the way of gripping the hilt, as a form like Fire needs to be controlled. To further assist control there is a secondary grip at the pommel with the three ridges. The saber’s overall look is reminiscent of a beacon torch, to send out a message of hope and Light. That concludes the design except for the two flashes of silver on the emitter and pommel representing the ingredients needed for Fire, fuel and oxygen, with the spark of ignition coming from the Force.

Oxygen is a good link to the next sabers in the series as oxygen is of course part of the atmosphere that blankets the planet. Within that atmosphere swirls another of the Elements, WIND! So please join me again for my next post where I will present DEK Medwyn’s Elements WIND. Till next time.

The Distant Earth Knighthood is ©Copyright of The Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn, used here with permission.

5 thoughts on “Fire Lightsaber – DEK Medwyn’s Elements”

    1. Hello Sean, I too was excited about the Fire form, it is so dynamic. Though we mustn’t forget all the other Elements that form the foundations of the whole technique. Thanks for the comments.

  1. Another spot on design and I’m really honoured by having you, For Tyeth to create these fantastic sabers!
    (And you counted the techniques, Force almighty! :D)

  2. Just can’t get away from the screen watching that emitter – it really brings back memories of campfires when after a good talk and some guitar play I was staring at the core of the fire while listening to the crackling sound…

  3. Thank you Master Medwyn, I was honoured by being able to learn from you and the DEK, the designs were my pleasure to design for you all.
    There are still THREE more sabers to reveal, yes I did say three more but I’ll explain that in my upcoming posts!

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