Velocity Lightsaber Staff (Cheetara’s Choice)

Hello Everyone, yesterday we travelled to Eternia and the world of Castle Greyskull, He-Man and his nemesis Skeletor. Today we visit the world of “Third Earth” the enforced choice of a homeworld for the THUNDERCATS! After their home planet Thundera died the inhabitants had to flee and find a new home. During this voyage the Thunderfleet of spaceships was attacked by mutants. The survivors of the attack discovered the damage to their ship meant the journey would take longer than expected. After a flight under suspended animation conditions the group of humanoid felines arrived on the planet Third Earth. Their adventures continued. One of the characters was a “humanoid cheetah” with the gift of blinding speed. She was also very skilled in combat with a staff. This person was known as Cheetara, and I was asked to come up with an updated weapon for her, this is….VELOCITY

This staff has claws, and shares the beautiful colours of Cheetara herself. It even has a “big cat’s tail” in the pommel. The shaft of the staff has multiple gripping points making this a very versatile weapon. This means that Cheetara can still perform all her signature spinning techniques and have the added advantage of a blade. To help the balance of the staff, just as a Cheetah on earth uses it’s tail to maintain balance and change direction, the pommel section provides a counterbalance and to me looks a little like the tufted tail of a real Cheetah. Cheetara was a formidable opponent before but might be even more so with this staff!

Cheetara was not alone on Third Earth, there were two other warrior cats that I have made designs for. There is a special pair of sabers for a Panther and a terrifying Tiger saber to come in future posts. But first, in tomorrow’s offering we welcome back the Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn’s Elements series and the eagerly anticipated Fire Element!

I hope you will return to check all of these designs out, but for now thanks again for looking in today, this site would be nothing if you, the viewers didn’t support it. Till next time.

Cheetara, Thundera, Thundercats and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Warner Bros Entertainment.


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