Havoc Staff Lightsaber (Skeletor’s weapon of choice)

Hello Everyone, I appear to have been set a challenge to create a Harry Potter themed hilt (which I am working on!) by the Paperback Princess, but today we visit the Kingdom of Eternia! As the title suggests this design is for He-Man’s arch enemy – Skeletor and is an update of his Havoc Staff. In the cartoons and films of the 80’s and 90’s there was an ongoing battle for control of Castle Greyskull and Skeletor used his mystic powers (might not be Harry Potter but there’s magic!) and staff against Prince Adam/He-man. However I wondered what a Havoc Lightsaber Staff would look like, this is how I imagine it would be…this is Havoc NextGen…

The staff has a clawed emitter, though I would remove one of the claws to more closely resemble the Ram’s Skull top piece of the original (that option isn’t available in the builder but the real life part can have claws removed). I used a very curved body section to represent the skeletal look of it’s owner and a second blue wrapped section to reflect the colour of his costume. The spear extensions further strengthen the gnarly skeleton look being thin and bone-like. To finish the design I used another of the curvy body sections topped off with an FTE pommel to give the staff a bit more magic (as if Skeletor needs more power!) I can just see the look of shock and surprise on He-Man’s face when Skeletor wields this staff and suddenly a bright indigo saber blade extends form the Ram’s Skull, a real match for the Sword of Power!

I hope you all enjoy this design and I will return to the “workshop” to hammer out the Potter Wand Hilt, so please check back to see that in a future post. Also the return of the Medwyn Elements on Monday! Thank you for your support and one final thing, if you are going to a November the 5th Fireworks display (or having one yourself) PLEASE STAY SAFE, follow the safety advice but HAVE FUN! Till next time.

He-Man, The Masters of the Universe, Skeletor and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Mattel Toys and DC Comics.


2 thoughts on “Havoc Staff Lightsaber (Skeletor’s weapon of choice)”

  1. “Remember, remember,
    The 5th of November.
    The gunpowder treason and plot.

    I can think of no reason
    Why the gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot.”

    Good job. That looks mean. 😋

    Was is not the “Sword of Omens” though?

  2. Hello Sean, thank you for a great quotation! I hoped this staff would be a little different! Prince Adam/He-Man owned the “Sword of Power” which was one half of a more powerful sword called the “Sword of Greyskull”. The second half of the sword was owned by She-Ra. This second sword was called the “Sword of Protection”.
    The “Sword of Omens” belonged to Lion-O from the great cartoon Thundercats and if you check out my next post today you may meet another of the Thundercats!

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