Sith Princess (A saber for a Paperback Princess)

Hello Everyone, I have just had the pleasure of Master Medwyn commenting on my Earth Lightsaber design inspired by the Distant Earth Knighthood videos featuring Master Medwyn himself. I have also been introduced to another fellow blogger you may like so I will proceed to tell you about her.

While browsing through the trending articles, one topic on a particular blog caught my attention, “Who is more Badass, Kylo Ren orVader?”
I thought “Ooh, a Star Wars conversation!” and clicked to visit the site. This led me to The Paperback Princess, a newcomer to blogging as am I, so this is my effort to make viewers of this blog aware of her work. Joyce is a  book reviewer, coffee addict, likes genres ranging from fairytales through to crime and thrillers then back round to horror and the paranormal (and somewhere in that list there is even a space for the Harry Potter books!). And every now and then, there are a few movie reviews and a weekly “Friday Film Quotes” section. I left a comment and Joyce was kind enough to return the favour and visited this blog. It seems that Joyce has a bit of Darkside streak commenting that my design, Attitude, would look good in RED! Well this new design isn’t quite that saber but hopefully the aspiring Sith lady will like it, this is Sith Princess…

This saber stemmed from my attempt to create a Potter wand themed hilt but to get something that looked wooden when all the parts are “metal” is tricky! However, I had a saber and started swapping the colour schemes and when I chose the black and red associated with the Sith the look fell together. It has an evil clawed emitter to hold the red blade which “bleeds” through the windows. The black hilt has a double bodied shaft with a wasp-waisted switch section giving an hourglass appearance befitting a Sith Princess. There is a band of silver which gives the weapon a bit of Sith bling, their greed means they enjoy having things like this to show off. Finally an FTE pommel completes the design so the Dark energies can be harnessed.
“Hey For! What about a red bladed Attitude saber?” Ok, ok, here is a little bonus gallery, it may make a nice pair with Sith Princess!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t worry folks, Joyce the Paperback Princess is a very nice person, just needing some guidance from a wise old Lightsaber designer to steer her away from the Fear, Anger and the Dark ways of the Force! So please take a moment and check out her blog and get some great recommendations for some good reads (and a few movies too!) To go to her blog click this link Paperback Princess’s Blog.

I would like to thank Joyce for her support of my blog and to you the FTSabersite viewers. I have more designs to come including the next sabers in the Medwyn DEK Elements collection, so please check back to see those! Till next time.

Jedi, Sith and all related Star Wars names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.



7 thoughts on “Sith Princess (A saber for a Paperback Princess)”

  1. You know I like that colour scheme…lol

    Joyce should know that’s always room for another in the Sith ranks.
    (We even have cookies to go with the coffee.) 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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