Darkthorn Lightsaber (A Companion for Trinity)

Hello Everyone, it has been a fantastic day for my blog with some interesting people introducing themselves to the site. I will tell you more about one particular individual in my post tomorrow as I have a design here I promised to show you all. Long time followers of this site will recall I designed a saber for a friend of mine who I met on a Lightsaber forum. The saber was called Trinity and paid tribute to my friend who does one of the hardest jobs I could imagine ever having to do. As a result he has my highest respect. He also told me of his engagement to his fiancé, who also likes sabers! Well I couldn’t design a saber for him and neglect the young lady, could I? So I have created a companion saber to go with Trinity, this saber I call Darkthorn

I was made aware that the young lady, I will call her Miss X, was a fan of the colour pink but already had a saber in that colour. Hopefully Miss X won’t have a saber like this already! The emitter has claws to match with Trinity and of course a pink blade. The claws were the closest thing I could use to resemble filigree, an art form that Miss X has an interest in. Below the emitter is a silver band to represent the bands my friend and Miss X will be exchanging at some point in their future. I apologise but the builder doesn’t have gold parts available…yet. The body has an easy grip contour and a switch and pommel that acts as a second hand grip. Of course this saber has an FTE pommel and is lit pink to match the blade. A decorative end cap on the pommel finishes the design.

I wish my friends, let’s call them Mr and Miss X, the very best in the future and I hope they like their personalised sabers (I wish I could afford to have these built as real presents). I think that concludes this post but I will leave you with a picture of the happy couple…Trinity and Darkthorn.


Thank you for looking in, I appreciate all of your support. Till next time.


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