Attitude Lightsaber (A saber for a fallen Council Member-?)

Hello Everyone, Don’t worry the Medwyn Elements series will continue on Monday so you have something to look forward to, but today I am going to bring you the final design that stemmed from my America’s Warrior. There was discussion around the Internet recently about whether Mace Windu was still alive (after reported comments between Samuel L. Jackson and George Lucas were posted online). However this saber I designed at the time of Captain America Civil War’s release 8 months ago! I created the tactical version when the thought struck me, what if this had Mace Windu’s purple accents? I promptly made the changes and the combination of the no-nonsense hilt and the new colour scheme resulted in the saber I called Attitude…

We don’t know if Mace survived his fall from Emperor Palpatine’s office window but if he did, would he have his original saber still, or a new one? Maybe this could be his new replacement. It’s doubtful that if Mace Windu was written back into the Star Wars story that the writers would use this design but I still enjoyed creating it!

In other news I have been in contact with my friend, who I designed the saber called Trinity for. We chatted and I told him that as a challenge I had created a companion saber for a special person in his life. That saber will feature in my next post and hopefully will be received as warmly as Trinity. So I wish to thank you for checking Attitude out and hope you will join me for the unveiling of Darkthorn! Till next time.

Mace Windu, Emperor Palpatine and all related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.


6 thoughts on “Attitude Lightsaber (A saber for a fallen Council Member-?)”

  1. I like that. In the Guardian style. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next offering, but would be lying if I said that it’s the Elements ones I’m really longing to see. 😛

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