Water Lightsaber (Medwyn’s Second Element)

Hello Everyone, I am pleased to announce I have been contacted by Master Medwyn and the Distant Earth Knighthood and the response was warm and greatly appreciative. Their feedback and comments were very helpful. So today I am proud to present my second tribute to the great work of the DEK. This time we concentrate on the form called Water.

Water Form, a large body with movements flowing back and forth like the tides. A balanced form in the sense that it is reactive, some techniques are large and sweeping (for area contol using “soft” strikes) while other techniques are more forceful or a “more powerful wave” for direct combat (striking the opponents weapon blade on blade, “hard” strikes). This form facilitates advance and retreat where necessary and is ever moving dependant on situation. The flourishes and orbits (spinning) may seem extravagant but help control flow of movement and build power. However they also reinforce the image of water, reminiscent of whirlpools and eddies in a flowing stream.


Again the Distant Earth Knighthood YouTube Channel can be found by clicking on their name! There you will find their amazing videos. On a technical level there is one particular technique in the form where Master Medwyn transitions from a traditional grip with the blade pointing out forwards, to a Reverse Grip with blade pointing backwards using an orbit to switch hand grip. The move ends with the blade pointing horizontally in his right hand with the emitter near his little finger and his left hand palm flat on the base of the pommel. This move is the most effective and fluid I have seen but can easily be missed (this occurs between 22 and 26 seconds into their video). I will now present the saber dedicated to the form WATER…

The saber has an emitter that embodies the look of an ancient water pitcher, the watery blue blade pouring from it’s spout. The lines of the hilt are smooth and flowing. The blue leather grip represents the body of water as a whole, with gripping points along the  whole length. The switch section provides a choke point (narrow section) to assist the orbits and spins and represents how tides come in and out on the shores of Earth (on which the Water flows). Again the design tries to reflect the more advanced ebb and flow nature of this form.

I will publish the next two sabers in this collection shortly but I wish to thank the DEK again for inspiring me to create this collection. Thank you for looking in on this design and please check out the DEK YouTube channel. Till next time.

The Distant Earth Knighthood is ©Copyright of The Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn and are used here with permission.

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  1. That one’s nice. I like the blue you chose for the wrap. Almost teal – or hey! AQUA! 🙂

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