A Tribute to the Distant Earth Knighthood (Medwyn’s Elements)

Today I have great news to share! A few weeks ago I posted saying I wanted to reach out to some members of the Lightsaber community. Well I have been honoured that one of those great folk has responded and we had a chat. This conversation has led to this next collection of designs. Who is this person and who are the Distant Earth Knighthood? To begin, the Distant Earth Knighthood are a small group of Lightsaber enthusiasts who, led by Master Medwyn created their own style of Lightaber combat forms.


This talented group produced a fantastic series of videos showcasing each of the different techniques, performed by Master Medwyn! The Knighthood base their philosophy on the elements of the planet Earth. The first video I saw was Earth, and I was stunned by how well it was produced and the technical ability Master Medwyn displayed. I felt I had to create a collection of sabers in honour of this great contribution to the community, this is my saber dedicated to the form known as Earth…

I wanted to reflect the solid base from which the form Earth grows. The form is a solid, fundamental defensive style from which the other more dynamic attacking forms can extend. The saber is a solid dependable design that represents the foundations. No fancy claws or spikes to complicate the use of the hilt. The grip is the colour of Earth and the blade is the green shoot of growth that will branch out to the other Element Forms.

Master Medwyn and the Distant Earth Knighthood (whom I will also credit when I obtain the names of the behind the scenes members!) can be found on their YouTube channel or to make it easier just click Distant Earth Knighthood to go straight to their page!

I will finish by thanking the DEK and Master Medwyn for their efforts. I hope they and you, the viewers, liked this tribute and both will return to see the remaining sabers in this special collection.

The Distant Earth Knighthood is ©Copyright of The Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn, used here with permission.

6 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Distant Earth Knighthood (Medwyn’s Elements)”

  1. I wish I had a saber like this when I was building the Earth form!
    Thank you for the wondeful design, it really is catching the essence of the form!
    I think it’s the Earth which is closest to my heart and describes my character the best – this design without doubt fits perfectly to the whole concept with it’s ‘towering’ shape and solid foundations!
    Thank you For Tyeth, the Force is strong with you! 🙂

    1. Thank you Master Medwyn, it was you and the Distant Earth Knighthood’s creativity and talent (not to mention love of saber artistry) that inspired me. It means so much that you approve!
      And may the Force continue to be with you.

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