Haunter Gengar Lightsaber (Happy Halloween!)

Hellooooo Everyone! It’s nearly that time of the year, the famous “Witching Hour” the time of Trick or Treat fun, yes it’s Halloween! Sadly I joined the wider lightsaber community on the 12th Nov when I ordered my first (and only) custom lightsaber and joined one of the forums. As a result I missed out on the fun last year, which left me with a problem this year, what am I going to do to celebrate? I don’t have a SpookySaber or a SpectreBlade, what can I post today that’s ghoulish? Believe it or not one challenge I was confronted with from the forum was to create some Pokémon themed hilts and as luck would have it there was one little monster that fit the bill for Halloween, his name is Gengar….HAUNTER GENGAR! This spiky guy is the inspiration for this design, a haunted hilt, this is Haunter…

I think this saber and this little guy is spooky enough for Halloween! He is just the right shade of purple and coupled with the black hilt it gives off a sort of vampire vibe. His spikes and claws are represented in the emitter and as a bonus he even has a Jack O’ Lantern tail with the FTE pommel.

If you are going out to celebrate Halloween, or Trick or Treating, or even a costume party, have fun but please stay safe. Thanks for taking time to check out my haunted offering. TILL……NEXT…….TIME……!


Pokémon is a Trademark of Nintendo Computer Entertainment and the franchise is owned by Nintendo, Freak Games and Creatures.

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