Extension of Justice Lightsaber Pike

Hello Everyone, following on from America’s Warrior I decided that I wanted to create some variations of this original. I fiddled with the design and made a version for Mace Windu, then a thought entered my mind. What if Captain America required a weapon with greater reach? The answer would be a staff or pike style weapon. The idea of a pike gave rise to this next pair of weapons, Extension of Justice and Extension of Justice (TACTICAL). So to begin here is Extension of Justice…

The use of the spear extensions give the weapon the reach it needs when used in large crowd control situations. And I mentioned the control knobs on the emitter in my last post, well they could be used to control the length of the blade. To make this design as versatile as possible I thought that a night time, special operations version would be useful for stealthy crime fighting so here is a second version, Extension of Justice (TACTICAL)…

Both versions retain the good ol’ Red, White and Blue and would hopefully make the Captain a more effective crime fighter. The Pike has the benefit of the energy blade weapon but can also be used as a regular staff for non-lethal combat situations. The famous tri-coloured shield used in conjunction with this Pike could be quite an intimidating sight to criminals but a sight of inspiration for the good citizens of society!

For now this concludes the Captain America chapter of my design history but as I started this blog I had around 200 designs, so there are a few more to bring to you yet! Thank you once again for looking in on my work, it is much appreciated and please call back again to see more sabers.

Captain America is Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Entertainment. Mace Windu is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.



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