American Warrior Lightsaber (A Superhero Crossover)

Hello Everyone, after yesterday’s posts and the fantastic response I now bring to you a design I came up with about seven and a half months ago. Some viewers who are into Superhero movies will recall around this time the first trailers for Captain America – Civil War were released. There was a big buzz about the film and members of the forum I frequented challenged me to produce a Captain America themed hilt. This is the result of my effort, American Warrior…

For this saber the colour scheme just had to be Red, White and Blue! The emitter has control knobs which I envisaged could alter the length of the blade (which may be useful for the next version I will be posting!). The switch has grooved ribs to give a better grip for the forefinger and thumb while the blue grip gives plenty of space for double handed use. Again I added an FTE pommel to ensure the Captain’s saber would have enough power to do the job. I will post a variation of this saber in my next post, but till then I will go back to dreaming of Captain America using this saber beside his famous shield!

Thanks to all my viewers for checking out this crossover design and I hope you will join me again for another design for the Captain. Till next time.

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