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Hello Everyone, welcome to the first of today’s posts…yes two posts today! I promised my friend LR, I would post a Darkside version of Savannah95’s fantastic Determination saber. I will add that these changes I made are just colour scheme, all the parts are as the original showing how good the original design is. So I won’t keep you waiting any longer here is Determination DS…

I would like to think a Sith with good taste and a sense of style might consider using this saber. It has good looks and a bit of attitude (apparently things the Sith like) yet it stems from the original design. But the options don’t stop there I have also included a second gallery below to show one or two other colour combos!

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This just shows the versatility of a great basic saber! My thanks once again go out to Savannah95 and I hope she doesn’t mind my little tweaks! Now onto the second post for later today. I mentioned a new viewer of the site decided to subscribe and follow my progress here and after a short chat and quick look at her blog, I designed a saber for her. I think it may make a nice pair with the original Determination, but to find out you will need to check out my next post here in a few hours time!

For now though thanks for joining me and I hope to see you again later today.

This Guest Designer design belongs to Savannah95 is used here with permission.©Copyright FTSabersite 2016. All rights reserved.

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