Phasma-FTE Lightsaber

Hello Everyone, today we visit the First Orders’ barracks and meet one particularly imposing soldier. She is tall, very tall, she is a Captain of the Stormtroopers assisting Kylo Ren, she is of course Captain Phasma! Well I will present to you the design I came up with for a saber for her…as I don’t know if she escaped the Trash Compactor! So enough talk from me here is Phasma-FTE…

This saber I created after seeing one of the first promotional pictures of Captain Phasma and her striking silver chrome armour. The blade is white in tribute to the concept art of Ralph Mcquarrie for Star Wars showing Stormtroopers with basic white lightsabers! The saber features my FTE pommel to cope with Phasma’s stature and technique. The size also hints that the saber is a bit more special than the regular saber a trooper might use.

There is a dual tone version that I will post shortly, but I promised I would post a Darkside version of Savannah95’s Determination first and a new saber for a new follower of FTSabersite, who chatted with me for nearly two  hours yesterday! So thank you for looking in today your visit is much appreciated. Till next time.

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