Turahk’s Staff of Fear – Eddlyss64

Hello Everyone, today I feature another Guest Designer, my friend Master Eddlyss64. Long time viewers of this site will remember Eddlyss’ series of weapons for the range of figures in the LEGO Bionicle range. Here he presents the weapon of Turahk, a double ended, double axe blade emitter behemoth! (Though I have to say E64, it does look a little like my Double Onslaught hehe!). So here is the weapon known as the Staff of Fear..

Impressive and intimidating, I’m sure you’ll agree. The choice of parts work well and the colour scheme? Well Eddlyss couldn’t have got it any closer if he tried. I can easily see Turahk using this weapon, not to mention quite a few Sith! I love the little detail of the matching control knobs on the reverse side of the switch section. There is one slight thing I have to say and that is, does the spines on Turahk’s back look a bit like robot Jonny5’s Mohican in Short Circuit?

Thanks once more to my talented friend Eddlyss for sharing this design with us and one thing I forgot to mention is that Eddlyss has a YouTube channel where he has a few Stop-Motion videos starring these Bionicle characters! You can check out his channel HERE.

I am currently collating the pictures for Savannah95’s Dark Determination, but coming up next is Commander Cody followed by the phenomenal Phasma! So please check back and look in, you are always welcome, thanks. Till next time.

Turahk, Staff of Fear and Bionicle are Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO corporation.

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