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Hello Everyone, today I welcome back my friend Savannah95 and her design Determination. Savannah has a large reserve of this quality and by showcasing this saber I hope some of that determination and drive rubs off on me. I am finding this blogging to be fun and time consuming! But back to the saber, through my exchanges with LR who suggested I design Ethereal, I decided to post this elegant saber as it has a nice look that is neutral, lending itself to both a Lightside Force user or a member of the Sith (depending on which finish you choose). So here is the Lightside version of Savannah95’s Determination…

A reliable and trusty weapon, ready to serve. It does have a bit of luxury to it with the black leather grip, accent parts and scalloped emitter but this saber’s purpose is solid service to it’s owner. There is the potential to change the blade and grip colours to suit the user’s allegiance – good or evil, and as such in a future post I will display the Darkside version. I will thank Savannah once more for letting me share this design with you all, it is much appreciated as is your continued support of this site.

I think this saber has had an effect on me, I am now ready to work on my next post which I hope you will join me for. Till next time.

Determination was designed by Savannah95 and used here with her permission. ©Copyright of FTSabersite 2016.

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