Rex-FTE (a saber for a courageous clone)

Hello Everyone, I am a moderator on a Google+ community called Lightsaber Combat (there is a saber I designed called LS Combat Community on this site in tribute). A member of this community called Grey, is a keen Cosplay fan and has started work on making a Captain Rex costume! I have great admiration for these costume makers as I can only just sew a loose button on a shirt, so I thought that Grey might like this design I came up with a while ago. There are many like it, but this one belongs to Rex, this is Rex-FTE…

I based this on Captain Rex’s colour scheme and gave it a functional look, nothing fancy, just dependable, like Rex himself. Perhaps Grey might like to try and build a saber that resembles this for his costume, maybe even Rex might consider using it if he ever gets to see it! Who knows? I hope so.

I have also recently designed a new collection of hilts inspired by some beautifully crafted videos I have seen online. I contacted the author of these videos to congratulate him and I will ask if he would like me to display this new collection here with you all. So please stay tuned to this site as there are a lot more new creations coming up, but for now thanks to Grey, and to you for looking in today. Till next time.

Captain Rex and any related Star Wars names and material are Trademark/©Copyright Disney/Lucasfilm.


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