Ethereal Lightsaber – Final Two

So today I am bringing the last two versions of the saber called Ethereal. I was contacted again by my friend LR, who mentioned that Ethereal Ghost lacked contrast. The builder actually allows each part to be displayed in four finish types, Standard (also known as dual tone), Black, Silver and a Weathered finish to replicate age and damage from the elements (sabers get old just like yours truly!). Here I will showcase the final two finishes and provide a mini gallery at the end showing all four types to compare. Here is Ethereal DT (Standard/Dual Tone)…

This finish is considered standard and does give a contrast detail so your saber doesn’t just look like a metal tube, next up is Ethereal Weathered…

This finish replicates decades of use and a saber that has seen history. In the builder the effect does not look as good as the real hilts. I have seen other sabers that have been built in this finish and there are some really nice examples. To make things interesting you can also combine parts with different finishes, so lots of combinations and potential. I will now insert a final mini gallery with a saber from each finish so you can compare how one saber can have 4 different looks..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This concludes the presentation of Ethereal! Thank you to LR for his input and suggestions and thank you for looking in on the site. The support is much appreciated, I am doing this as a hobby but in 2 months I have been lucky enough to have had 104 wonderful people visit the site and near to 1000 views so thanks once more! Till next time.


2 thoughts on “Ethereal Lightsaber – Final Two”

  1. Now THAT looks cool. 🙂

    Great job For. I really am a fan of contrast, and that standard/DT finish does it.

    Congrats on the numbers too!

    1. Glad you like it. The weathered finish I don’t think does sabers justice in the builder but Saberforge have done the best job possible considering limitations with computer graphics. And thank you for being one of the loyal followers of my site, your visit just pushed the total number of views through 1000!

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