Ethereal Ghost Lightsaber (A ghost version of a Jedi’s weapon)

Hello Everyone, yesterday I presented Ethereal Entity and today I bring you Ethereal Ghost. The builder allows you create different colour schemes of the same saber and I wondered what a Jedi’s saber would look like if it too were to ascend to become a Force Ghost. I imagined that Qui-gon Jinn’s saber may look something like this had it passed on with him..

An advantage of this ability to select which finish the saber comes in, means you can see the details more clearly now. The shroud has been shortened but the ridges on the grip (which according to the films and visual dictionary books) that house the power cells are still present. The twin switch holes weren’t on Qui-gon’s hilt originally but maybe the current owner added a control switch to alter power settings or blade length.

This is the great thing about trying to design an object (be it a saber or a car or anything in between)  is that sometimes it can trigger your imagination to come up with backstories for your designs. I never knew I could create stories, I do now I’m writing my memoirs!

So thank you all once again for checking out this variation of Ethereal Entity. There will be more sabers to come in future, including a return of my Guest Designers, so please visit again. Till next time.

Qui-gon Jinn, Jedi and all related Star Wars names and material are Trademark/©Copyright Disney/Lucasfilm.


2 thoughts on “Ethereal Ghost Lightsaber (A ghost version of a Jedi’s weapon)”

    1. That’s perfectly ok to think that! There is an option for four finishes, “standard” which is also called dual tone, “silver”, “black” and “weathered”. If you would like to see the remaining two versions I can post them in the next few days.


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