Ethereal Entity Lightsaber (Qui-gon Jinn’s missing weapon)

I have had contact with a viewer of FTSabersite who is also a Blogger here on WordPress. He is also a Lightsaber enthusiast and in chatting suggested I try to create a saber in the likeness of a  particular favourite of his. The saber is a representation of Qui-gon Jinn’s famous green bladed weapon. This weapon was last seen in the final duel between Qui-gon and Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. Sadly Qui-gon fell to Darth Maul’s unconventional technique and double bladed staff. Obi-Wan Kenobi continued the battle and emerged victorious. However at a cost as Qui-gon had been slain and as a way to remember his mentor Obi-Wan took Qui-gon’s saber into safe keeping. It has not been seen since, so I pondered what had happened to it in the time that passed and what it looked like now. This is my interpretation called Ethereal Entity…

I tried to replicate Qui-gon’s hilt with the parts available, and was also able to come up with this theory as to what happened to it. – Obi-Wan took it to Tatooine and it stayed there with Anakin’s weapon until Luke was gifted his father’s weapon in A New Hope. Qui-gon’s hilt remained in Obi-Wan’s home and was discovered by someone who may know Ezra Bridger. This person modified the weapon not knowing who it belonged to and so changed the elegant silver shroud for a less conspicuous tactical black coloured one. This exposed the grooves near the switch section where the silver shroud used to slot together. The silver bands on the emitter were also blackened. This was done as Lightsabers were outlawed during the time of the cartoon series, Rebels (hence Ezra’s original hybrid saber was disguised!). Later the person who took Qui-gon’s saber may have given it to Ezra who in turn may have used it’s crystal in his new Lightsaber.

I don’t know, it’s just a theory I came up with after my friend LR (I won’t name him till I have his permission to!) suggested this project. So may I say a big thank you to LR for his suggestion and to the other viewers of this site for looking in. I hope you liked the saber and the little backstory. Till next time.

Qui-gon Jinn, Darth Maul, The Phantom Menace and all Star Wars related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright Disney/Lucasfilm.


30 thoughts on “Ethereal Entity Lightsaber (Qui-gon Jinn’s missing weapon)”

  1. Right on! That looks so awesome. 🙂

    Great potential back story too. Quite plausible.

    This LR character certainly has great taste in sabers…lol 😉

  2. Hello seanhewer, I agree he does have good taste (he also has a good ear for music). In a bit of a sneak peek, I might post the “Ghost” version of this Saber next…stay tuned!

  3. OMG YOU WERE SERIOUS!!! Not that I really doubted it but that’s… that’s AWESOME!!!! Are you a real jedi?! Excuse my fangirling that’s epic!!! :O 😀 -Abby

    1. Greetings Abby and welcome to FTSabersite! Thank you for the kind words. I had better say I am not a real Jedi or I may get in trouble with Disney, but some people think I’m much like one. I am glad you like the designs, oh and I may have a little white bladed saber I just designed after seeing your blog!

      1. I don’t know, I think you are a Jedi. Tell Disney I said so. …….. A white bladed saber ya say huh?? I just may have to steal that.

      2. Oh, now I know you are unsure if you are a Lightside or Darkside follower but you don’t need to steal the saber I will post it here on Thursday (I have a scheduled post for Wednesday).

      3. I switch sides when I feel the need to. What about yourself are you on the Lightside or the Dark? A rebel or a sith? Tomorrow might be too late. (Wednesday) I may have already got to it. Then again it’s a half an hour until Midnight where I live so I’d have to steal it pretty fast.

      4. Hello again, I am definitely a Lightside Jedi, and live in the Outer Rim of the UK so there may be some time zone differences! (it’s 4:30am here)

      5. Oh well then Cheerio *Read that in a horrible British accent. Sorry I couldn’t help it it’s a habit. Or it’s an American thing. Stupid Question: Do you imitate our accents over there like we do over here? Also why and how the heck are you up THAT EARLY?!!

      6. I have a large supply of Jedi energy capsules? I am actually enjoying the Spurs vs Warriors NBA match. Er no us Brits don’t do very good American accents (Daisy “Rey” Ridley is English!)

      7. The match is between San Antonio and the Golden State Warriors (North Cal). A friend of mine is a fan of the Warriors so I’m following them. They are losing so far but they too have a saber here on the site!

      8. Nope. So about your light sabers do you make them in real life like props or is it just on the computer? Just curious because I tend to make mine in real life. (the light saber)

      9. Sadly I just make them on the computer as the parts to make them are out of my price range. I still have fun designing them though and have even designed for a lightsaber school and a professional wrestler! You say you make real ones, interesting!

      10. Well I don’t buy parts I just use paint, cardboard, Styrofoam ect. So they sometimes come out pretty cheesy. :/ A light saber school well that sounds fun (That sounded really sarcastic it wasn’t meant to be.)

      11. You are ok it sounded fine, there is a Martial Arts expert who holds classes here in the UK and I designed a saber for his school. There is nothing wrong with cardboard and Styrofoam, we all enjoy Star Wars and sabers however we can. Are there any pics on your blog of them?

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