Synthesis Lightsaber (a movie crossover design)

Hello Everyone, there are times while coming up with ideas when two separate ideas appear closer together than you first imagined (sometimes you don’t even imagine the resemblance). One instance of this happened while I tried to re-create Darth Malgus’ saber so I could try and help answer a question a member of the community had. I used the correct emitter, with large wing shaped side blades but the rest of the parts were left over from a previous design I was working on (I forgot to reset the builder!). As a result there was a saber that stood out to me and reminded me of earlier designs I had made. The designs were my Batman themed hilts. The hilt looked like a mix between Batman and Darth Malgus, this is Synthesis..

I realised that the side blades of the emitter reminded me of the Bat-ears on Batman’s cowl or the wings of the Bat Plane (sort of). The two tone body was used to break up the look of the saber so it wasn’t just solid black. The blade just looked good being purple/indigo against the black and silver as mentioned in other posts.

There doesn’t have to be a complex or deep meaning to a saber creation (like most of my designs), this one developed out of another experiment. However I hope you still liked it. There are many more to come and I’d love to welcome you back to check them out. Thank you for looking in, till next time.

Batman, Bat-Plane and any related names or material are Trademark/©Copyright of DC Comics.


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