Apogee Lightsaber (inspired by RyanRising’s Kerbal Space Program)

Hello Everyone, I mentioned that I had inspiration from many varied sources and one particularly unique inspiration came from a friend of mine called RyanRising! This young man is a member of the forums I frequented and I had the pleasure of chatting with him many times. I learnt he had an interest in a certain simulation game called, Kerbal Space Program. In the game you design spacecraft for your alien Kerbal creatures to explore space in. RyanRising designed a rocket in the shape of a Lightsaber (with varied success) and launched it into virtual space. I have designed a saber that looks like a rocket in recognition of his Giant Leaps into the Unknown. This saber is called Apogee..

I hope the influences are obvious with this design, from the command module emitter down to the rocket boosters in the pommel (with orange flame lighting). I only have an old laptop to gain access the Internet and do what I do here, so I can’t play KSP  the game but I think I might have fun if I could. Speaking of fun it is a pleasure to know RyanRising and he always had a cheerful message or comment on the forums and I hope he will keep in touch in future.

I also hope you enjoyed this interstellar saber and return shortly to see what other designs my friends and I have still to present to you. Thank you for checking this out, so from For Tyeth Ground Control…Till next time!

Kerbal Space Program is a Trademark/©Copyright of Squad games developer and is available on various platforms.


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