“Student”- A Saber for an Academy

Hello Everyone, today I have something a little different. As some of you may know I am active on another site called Lightsaber Combat on Google+. While moderating on this site I was introduced to a REAL Master of Martial Arts, Master Sensei Colin Bevan.


I learnt that Master Sensei Bevan also runs an Academy that teaches Aikido, and saber classes! I was mightily interested and impressed so I went to look at the Academy’s website. There I found a well presented site and I liked how the traditional martial arts, Sabers and the element of fun were carefully balanced to form a method of combat that promotes fitness and fun but still retains the values and disciplines on which martial arts are founded. I was inspired to create a design for Master Sensei Bevan and his Academy, this is Student…

I attempted to create a solid, uncomplicated design free of switch boxes and “Greeblies” that would get in the way of gripping the saber comfortably for duelling. I used my trademark FTE pommel to create a grip point at the base of the hilt for a traditional two-handed grip. I also located the switch section near the base so that the base hand thumb could operate the switches keeping the body free from obstruction. The hilt has a blue colour theme with the grip leather and blade colour as the Academy logo features a blue blade (there is also a Hasbro Anakin Skywalker lightsaber being wielded by Master Sensei Bevan in one of the site’s photos !)

These are a few quotes from the Academy website:

Master Sensei (Colin Bevan) started studying Aikido in the 1980s under the direction of Shihan Gwynne Jones (Shin Gi Tai). He gained the his Shodan in 1995 and Nidan in 1999.

Master Sensei started training joined the British Aikido Federation in 2008 and became the club assistant instructor in the Port Talbot club.  He currently holds the rank of Sandan under the direction of Sensei Don Morgan.

Master Sensei has a CRB check and has been instructing juniors and seniors for the past 10 years.

If you are interested and are near to Neath in Wales then please check out the Academy’s website for details of classes and party events and show your support to a REAL Master. I have a link to the Academy HERE or use the one provided in the Blogroll in the sidebar!

Finally I would like to thank Master Sensei Bevan for his insights and contributions to Lightsaber Combat forum and the hobby generally, I wish him continued success.

EDIT: This article has been revised by For Tyeth (20/10/2016)


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