Scorpio – A Borommakot Zodiac Saber


Hello Evereyone, as promised here is the second Zodiac sign saber for October from the talented Borommakot. This of course has to be Scorpio, and I am going to grumble, grumble and grumble again. Since Borommakot designed this saber, Saberforge altered the ASP virtual builder, so when I went to take the pictures for the gallery,the saber had changed slightly! Once more I will include both the pictures Borom supplied to me and the gallery pictures I created. Grumble, grumble…etc. Enough grumbling here is Scorpio..

Again I still think this is a nice elegant saber, though the little detailing points that were lost when Saberforge updated their parts is frustrating. I loved the subtle black ring and surround on the switch then it was replaced by the latter, blocky two tone design. However this saber leads smoothly to introduce the next saber I am going to posr. Scorpio is based on the awesome creature the Scorpion, well there is a professional wrestler who based his character on the awesome Scorpion and it is his tribute saber I will highlight next.

I am indebted to Borommakot once more for allowing me to display his work here so thank you my friend. Till next time.

This saber design belongs to Borommakot and is used here with permission. Guest Designers’s work and content on this site is ©Copyright of FTSabersite 2016.


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