Libra – A Borommakot Zodiac Saber

Today I will continue the birthday theme and bring to you the next in my friend Borommakot’s Zodiac Series. And as it is mid October, of course the saber is for the sign of Libra. Now before I go further I will point out that since Borommakot designed this staff, Saberforge altered the parts in the ASP designer and the beautiful gold accents on the emitter parts used were replaced by not so inspiring black parts. I will include a before and after picture as I didn’t have a full set of pictures for the gallery. I make a point of making sure the designs I create (and post by other members of the community) are possible without Photo-Editing the pics as some people do. So now here I present Borom’s Libra Saberstaff..

I think it goes without saying that this design is BALANCED (sorry zodiac joke, I couldn’t help myself!). I also think that the original gold accents set the emitters off nicely with the amber coloured blades but alas SF decided that black was better! In the next in the series black definitely will be better as Borommakot has a beauty lined up with Scorpio. I hope you will return to see that one.

But for now I will take the opportunity to thank Borom again for allowing me to display his creations here and to remind viewers that you can see more of him on his YouTube channel, where he is known as daftPirate! He has videos on his Lightsabers and computer gaming. Here is a link:

daftPirate YouTube Channel

Till next time.

The Libra Saberstaff design belongs to Borommakot and is used with permission. This site and content is © FTSabersite 2016.



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