Augury Lightsaber – An Omen

Now that yesterday’s birthdays have been celebrated I need to get back to the serious business and that of course, is coming up with new saber designs. I realised that very soon the “birth” of the character For Tyeth will be approaching. I have been through quite a bit in this past year. I received my first “custom lightsaber”, made a name for myself and made many friends on a forum, then was let down by people I thought were friends which led to me creating this site. I will be honest those events saddened me but on For Tyeth’s birthday I will celebrate and move forward knowing I have survived and (hopefully) grown to be a better person. In recognition of this personal development I decided to create a new saber foretelling of changing times ahead, this is Augury…

This saber is made from the body of a Saberforge model called the Epoch, the emitter is from the model called Sinister Prophecy. Combining these two parts I came up with the idea of foretelling a new future because Epoch is the word for a period of time, like a millennia while the word Prophecy refers to a possible future outcome. This I condensed into Augury, or an omen, the sign of a coming event or happening.

I will progress onward and upward, all the while pushing myself to come up with more ideas which of course will be available to view here. So thank you for your support for this site and please visit again. Till next time.


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