Aggressive Negotiator Lightsaber (the weapon of a forthright Jedi)

Hello Everyone, this design is one of the new creations I mentioned a few posts back. Certain parts within the ASP builder, to me, have a personality or aura to them. Every now and then I will have a part lined up and then I’ll select a connecting piece and the result turns out pretty nice. This bit of luck then can bring out an idea which is what happened with this saber. The first part I had lined up was the body section, an aggressive, no nonsense looking piece, by the time I added the remaining parts I had Aggressive Negotiator..

The body piece as you can see is striking and the block pattern is loosely based on the shape of an old World War Two era hand grenade (the grenade was nicknamed the “Pineapple” for obvious reasons). These types of body section in Lightsaber designing are known as Grenade Grips. The switch section actually comes from Darth Maul’s famous double bladed Lightsaber staff, again an aggressive weapon. This combination along with the clawed emitter finishes the saber, the only part not being overly mean looking is the pommel, which I chose as it’s rings matched the body section! The saber is nice and clean, as if cared for and has a Jedi coloured blade. This could be the weapon of a determined, no nonsense negotiator sent to settle disputes throughout the galaxy.

I hope you enjoyed this offering. If you did maybe you could tell others about this site and maybe leave a comment or like, all of which would be much appreciated. As mentioned in other posts I still have a lot of other designs in my portfolio to come and more from my fantastic friends and Guest Designers here, so please check back and see what’s next!

Lightsaber designs posted here are ©Copyright of FTSabersite 2016. Guest Designer creations are ©Copyright of the Guest Designer and used with permission.


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