Cowboys Lightsaber (my NFL team)

I understand some viewers, particularly in the United States of America think of English football as “Soccer” and to them the real football is played in the NFL! I am ok with that as I am a well travelled Jedi and actually support an NFL team, get ready to groan! Yes the Dallas Cowboys! Again I was a victim of circumstance in being chosen to support the ‘Boys but I will explain. Back in 1986, the NFL introduced the “International Game” which was played at Wembley Stadium in London England. The first featured the teams of Chicago and Dallas. In the UK all the promotion, media and fan attention was focused on the Chicago Bears. Everywhere you looked there were the blue and orange jerseys (see I didn’t call them shirts!) of Chicago, and one jersey in particular – William “The Refrigerator” Perry’s 72! Again, because I wanted to be different and all the jerseys were expensive and hard to obtain for a youngling I chose to support the Cowboys instead. Now I have the means to create saber designs I can honour “America’s Team” with their own lightsaber! Here is Cowboys..

As with Mancunian Red, there are a few design features linked to the Cowboys, starting with the emitter. The emitter reminds me of the supports that held up Texas Stadium (Yes I know they have moved to Arlington, but I did like the old home) with the claws. There is also the light blue blade to match the uniform’s colours. The main body of the hilt is silver again to represent the colours as is the Cobalt Blue leather grip. To round the hilt off there is a “Texas Stadium” pommel, the grooves representing the panels of the roof and the sound vent reminding me of the roof’s opening albeit without the “Laces” support beams!

So it was ironic that I was a goalkeeper who played as a wide receiver, who liked a team with a wide receiver called Gordon Banks (Gordon Banks is also the name of the England Football team goalkeeper of the 60’s who prevented Pele from scoring famously!). We didn’t win that first Wembley game but hopefully this saber proves to be a winner.

I hope you enjoyed this offering and return in future to see more, I appreciate your visits. Till next time…..GO BOYS!   sorry!

Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and all NFL related names, logos and materials are Trademark/©Copyright of the NFL and their respective owners.


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