Golden Warrior Lightsaber (for MommyHoldMe)

Wow! I have reached 50 posts. Well to mark reaching a half century I will post a saber design I made for a friend of mine from the forums who always had nice things to say about my designs and gave me encouragement when my designing spark dimmed occasionally. That friend is MommyHoldMe and during our chats I learned he was a big fan of a certain NBA team and the idea of a saber to reflect his allegiance to his team formed. This team was on a blazing hot streak and nearly went unbeaten for a whole regular season. Their star player was Steph Curry who was so unbelievable it was almost unfair to play him. You may have guessed the team are the Golden State Warriors, and this is Golden Warrior..

As I mention in the gallery captions, I used local landmarks of the Golden State as inspiration for certain parts. The Golden Gate Bridge’s towers reminded me of the ridges on the switch section. The pommel was inspired by the openings at the top of Coit Tower and the shape of the peak of the structure. The emitter windows represent all the lighthouses in the area, including the one on “The Rock”,  Alcatraz. The blade is the beam of light from those lighthouses. The colours are also obviously the Warriors’ franchise blue and yellow as seen in the logo.

Oh and one final detail, the object of basketball is of course to score as many baskets/points as possible, well this saber scores points in having four “basket hoops” around the top of the emitter, surely a slam dunk!

I hope you liked this design as much as MommyHoldMe did, I think it is possibly the most detailed one I have done so far. There are more sports team inspired hilts in my display cabinet and I will show you more of them in upcoming posts.

Thank you for looking in on my site I appreciate the support. Till next time.

Golden State Warriors and their logo are Trademarks/©Copyright of the NBA. The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower and GSW logo images were obtained from Wikimedia.


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