Staff of Disintegration – Eddlyss64

Hello Everyone,

Here is the next design in Eddlyss64’s collection of Bionicle inspired Lightsaber Staffs. This time he has created the weapon for Gurahk. Having researched who Gurahk is I discovered how well Master Eddlyss did portraying this LEGO character. Not only do the colours match the figurine but even if this was just a standalone design the choice of weathered metal and the Cobalt Blue for the grips look awesome together! I will let you decide and now present the Staff of Disintegration…

I think you’ll agree Master Eddlyss did a fine job with this effort. I certainly applaud him. There are three more Staffs in this collection and they will appear in future showcases. In my next offering I will be having a sporting theme and a saber I created for a big fan of a certain basketball team. I hope you will return for that design and in the meantime thank you for visiting and please spread the word if you like what you have seen here. Till next time.

Gurahk, The Staff of Disintegration, Bionicle and Lego are Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO Corporation.

The image of Gurahk was obtained from the Bionicle Wikia page.

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