For Tyeth’s Fortieth Post!

Hello Everyone,

Now today’s post is going to be a little different as I am not posting a design. I am going to be a bit self-indulgent and celebrate reaching my Fortieth post (get the joke?). I created this little corner of the Internet as a new home for my designs and see if I enjoyed blogging. To be fair I haven’t “blogged” much as I have been busy putting up material for folks to see. You have to have something to see or why would the public look in?

So I have reached this milestone and I have to thank a few people. Two friends of mine have been a great help in setting this site up. The first is Savannah95, who I have mentioned a few times here. Despite having a very busy schedule, Savannah took time out to check my site over and “look for bugs” or any mistakes I may have made laying everything out. Savannah gave me encouragement to go for it and also sent me details of her Lightsaber designs so I could share them here. So a very big thank you to my friend.

The second person is my fellow “Jedi Master”, Master Edllyss64, who firstly invited me to help moderate on his Google+ Community, Lightsaber Combat, which helped build my confidence and social media skills and knowledge. Master Eddlyss similarly provided me with a portfolio of his designs to share with you as well. Again a big thank you to him for his support and belief in me. There is a link to his community in the sidebar Blogroll>

I have now reached a point where I need to consider expanding what I offer on FTSabersite, and I am going to have to be brave and start reaching out to other names within the Saber Community and see if they would like to contribute in some way to my site (scary, I know!) I am a small flickering star in the much larger Galaxy out there but I intend to build on this project and on myself.

I also have to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who are visiting this blog. Without you it would just be me talking to myself, but I do know I am receiving visits from various places around the globe, Germany, Norway, the United States and even a few from Australia, so thank you. If I may I would just ask that if you liked what I have shown you so far, maybe you could spread the word about FTSabersite. It would be much appreciated!

In my next post I hope to introduce you to another Saber enthusiast who produces some really great reviews of Lightsabers and accessories from the many companies out there, and he does it with great style and scenery! So till next time thanks again everyone!


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