Aires Lightsaber Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

This is the second of my friend Borommakot’s Zodiac Series, and as the title says this is the sign of Aires the Ram. The saber has a very distinctive emitter part that to me resembles a skull with horns. Not many members have used this piece within SF’s forum so this design stood out. It also looks as if this saber would be a good two-handed saber as the body gives it options for different grips. Here is Borommakot’s Aires..

This was a great effort and there are (if my memory serves me correctly) ten more Zodiac Sabers to reveal, including my sign Sagittarius! I’m looking forward to that one. I’d like to thank Borommakot for allowing me to display his designs and I would like to remind folks of Borommakot’s YouTube channel. He goes by the name of “daftPirate” and has videos on video gaming and Lightsabers including unboxings of sabers he has bought!

You can find a link to it on the sidebar or click “daftPirate YouTube Channel

Thank you all for looking in on this saber, till next time.



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