Katuso Lightsaber (Inspired by K-2s0)

With the countdown to Rogue One – A Star Wars Story firmly underway I felt I should start creating designs for characters from this film. I have created Empire Droid for the new Astromech C2-B5, then I saw the character of K-2s0 played by Alan Tudyk. The droid K-2so is quite striking, almost like the medical droid 2-1B on stilts! That aside I attempted to create a saber based on design cues from this possibly pivotal character.

This is Katuso..

I tried to replicate the long slim appearance of K-2s0 as he has very long, thin limbs. To do this I used a body part with rails down it’s length to simulate limbs, it also has a section that narrows which looks like the droid’s upper body. The emitter was the closest to represent the head. Lightsaber design (using the parts available here on earth at least!) requires that there is a place for the electronics and power pack so unfortunately the body appears fuller and has a pommel to support it all.

I will attempt more Rogue One inspired hilts but I have to be careful, I don’t want to spoil the film for myself by finding out too much before seeing it!

Thank you for checking this saber out, there will be more to follow.

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