Jella’s Lightsaber

This saber has a bit of a story behind it (literally!). A lot of Star Wars fans create an alter-ego for themselves, be it as a Sith follower or in my case a Jedi, and some even write a backstory to give their character depth. I did just that too and this saber belongs to one of the characters in my story. For Tyeth was involved in the Clone Wars and during the conflict For had to rescue some natives from a slave ship. One of the prisoners he rescued was a teacher named Jella. After For is badly injured and loses his lightsaber, Jella and her friends attempt to recover the weapon. During the story Jella develops Force powers and later gets her own Lightsaber.

This is that Lightsaber, simply titled Jella…

I tried to create a distinctive saber and think this one stands out. I have to add that the character of Jella is loosely based on a person I met recently who is in fact an educator and helped me get back into studying. I had just moved home and was a stranger to the area and this person’s welcoming attitude, intelligence and personality impressed me. I thought this combination would make a great character for my story. I hope they don’t mind.

I will shortly be starting another course as we’re never too old to learn, but I will still be designing sabers and posting the results here. Thank you for checking in on this effort, I am slowly getting views from all over the globe and it’s much appreciated.

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