Saberial Assassin Lightsaber (Inspired by Triple H)

Visitors to this site with a long memory may remember I mentioned Wresting as one of the inspirations for a series of saber designs I created. Today I present to you the first of that collection. The wrestler in question is the son in law of the owner of the WWE, Triple H. Triple H is one of the most experienced wrestlers today and has done pretty much everything possible, multiple World Champion, Tag Team Champion, he even appeared in one of the Blade movies with Wesley Snipes!

I felt this level of achievement deserved a saber design and here it is, this saber is the Saberial Assassin..

I used Triple H’s favoured colour scheme and attempted to create little details to represent him. One detail is that the claws on the emitter, if viewed from the correct angle look like the letter “H” (and there’s three of them!) The claws also look like his outstretched arms as he poses before performing his finishing move, “The Pedigree”.

Triple H is known for using a Sledgehammer during matches but just maybe he might like to swap it for this saber! So this has been the first in a series of designs featuring the artists of the Squared Circle, hopefully you will check out my others in the future.

WWe, Triple H, and related names/moves/material are Trademark/©Copyright of WWe Entertainment/Titan Sports.


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