WWW Deadpool Lightsabers (A design for Wade Winston Wilson)

I recently met another Lightsaber enthusiast who blogs on WordPress and was surprised to find out he is a member of Ultrasaber’s forum. An even bigger surprise was I had exchanged posts with him and didn’t realise, it must have been some Sith magic to cloud my vision! However we did introduce ourselves and I discovered he watched a movie a while ago, that movie was Marvel’s Deadpool. I had designed a pair or Katana style hilts for the character of Wade Winston Wilson, or Deadpool, for my friend Master Eddlyss. So here I will share my design with you all so my new Sith Lord friend can get to see them too. I call this design WWW Deadpool…

As some folk will know Deadpool was genetically engineered, is impervious to injury and can heal almost any wounds. I thought he might be safe having Lightsabers (no missing hands!). I used the Deadpool colour scheme and tried to recreate the look of a Katana but not too obviously. I enjoyed creating this and I hope you enjoyed looking.

If you would like to meet some more like minded saber enthusiasts don’t forget to check out the forums that are out there, I have provided links to two of the forums in the sidebar.

Deadpool, Wade Winston Wilson and related names etc are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Comics/Marvel Entertainment.


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