Antares Lightsaber (Draco Antares)

My next offering is another of my Star Wars Legends series of sabers and this particular design is for Draco Antares, Master of the Imperial Knights. From images in the Dark Horse Comics it appears that the Imperial Knights used a common saber, a silver hilt with an inlaid, ribbed grip section with a slanted emitter. The sabers had distinctive pure white blades. I imagined what Draco’s saber would look like had the Officers of the Imperial Knights had personal sabers. This was the design I arrived at. This is called Antares…

This saber still retains the distinctive blade but I based the hilt on the colours and costume of the Imperial Knights. The red grip represents the crimson cloaks and armour that Draco and his men wore. I tried to make the saber look elegant but still be an effective duelling weapon, as the Imperial Knights were amongst the best of the best.

Draco Antares was involved in the battle to stop Darth Krayt and the One Sith Order. During this battle the Emperor, Roan Fel, decided to use a lethal toxin to turn the tide of the fight in their favour. However this toxin created by Darth Maladi (a prisoner of the Roan Fel Empire) would have no effect on the Sith but would wipe everybody else out. Antares feared that Roan Fel had turned to the Dark Side by considering using such a weapon and killed his Emperor – even though he was the most loyal servant to Roan Fel. Draco fulfilled his duty and his oath with this course of action.

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Draco Antares, Roan Fel and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Dark Horse Comics.


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