Savannah95’s Resonant Lightsaber Pike

Here I present the next design from Savannah95’s portfolio. Savannah95 has an interest in historical weaponry such as Pole-arms and Pikes and it shows with this interesting creation. When I first saw it I actually missed one detail until I zoomed in. The central handgrip differed from the other grips which were leather wrapped. This central grip, matched with the forked emitter reminds me of a serpent or of the weapons of the Goa’uld in Stargate (Egyptian inspired). I will let you see what you think. Here is Resonant.

The pattern of groves on the central grip were camouflaged by the weathered effect so I initially missed that detail but I’m glad I eventually saw it. I’m not sure Savannah95 intended it but I just thought snake scales, and with the choice of emitter it looked serpent like. This design taught me a useful lesson and that is always look for small or hard to see details….you may be surprised!

I know Savannah95 is hard at work with real life commitments at the moment but thankfully has supplied me the details for the rest of her collection and I will showcase more of them in the future.

If you see any designs that catch your attention then please leave a like for it or comment, that way I will know what interests you and I can pass on your thanks to these great designers!

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