“Slayed” Lightsaber (A Deathstroke inspired Lightstaff)

Hello Everyone, I sometimes find it hard to keep up with popular culture and “Trending” topics of conversation, (I may have mentioned this before, I’m new to all this!) but I may have a design that should be right on point!

It has been announced recently (8th September IIRC) that Joe Manganiello from the TV show True Blood, will play a Super Villain in the upcoming film “Dark Knight” starring Ben Affleck. This super villain was a founding member of Lex Luthor’s Secret Society of Super Villains, and was reputed to be the most dangerous assassin ever.This assassin went by the name Deathstroke, his real name was Slade Joseph Wilson an ex soldier who joined the armed forces after lying about his age!

I have seen numerous images of Deathstroke online using swords and staffs and felt this was a good subject to create a crossover for. I design a lot of single hilts and double bladed sabers but there is another category, the Electrostaff . I thought this weapon would be ideal for Deathstroke,

here I present Slayed..

The Electrostaff was most famously used by the Droid Royal Guards (and General Grievous) in Revenge of the Sith but works as a modern deadly weapon for a Super Villain too. The colour scheme was based on the dual tone mask Slade wears. The central switch section provides the most options for grip placements making this a versatile weapon. Hopefully Deathstroke would approve of this design, or I’m in trouble! Thank you for checking out my latest offering it means a lot to me.

Deathstroke appears in DC Comics owned by DC Entertainment. Dark Knight is being produced by Warner Bros. All Trademarks/©Copyrights belong to their respective Owners.



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