Staff of Fragmentation Lightsaber Staff (Eddlyss64 design)

Here is another Master Eddlyss design from his “Bionicle” inspired collection. This time he created the “Staff of Fragmentation – the weapon of Panrahk”. Considering the name of the weapon implies it should be shattered in numerous pieces, this design is really cohesive and well thought out. I like the way that the leather grips, the brass sections on the emitters and the blade colour all tie together. I present to you Eddlyss64’s Staff of Fragmentation.

Thanks to my friend Master Eddlyss for allowing me to display this design, he has four more in this series which I will bring to you in upcoming posts. I will take this opportunity to mention Master Eddlyss’ community on Google+ called Lightsaber Combat. When you have a moment of free time maybe you could check it out and enjoy the discussion of all things Lightsaber Combat related. There is a link in the sidebar. Thank you.

“Bionicle”,”Panrahk” and any related material are Trademarks/©Copyright of the LEGO Company.


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