The Gemini Twin Lightsabers (Borommakot’s Zodiac)

Today I present to you another offering from a Guest Designer. I promised more designs from this young man and here is TWO for the price of one! Borommakot created a series of sabers based on the signs of the Zodiac and this is the pair of sabers to represent Gemini the Twins. They have a classic look of the great hilts of Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but also have a nice subtle difference to tell them apart.

Here are Borommakot’s Gemini Twins,

And the second hilt,

As you can see there was a subtle difference with the ringed grenade section (seen in the emitter shots) and the body parts used. This makes them similar and different at the same time, clever. And you can see the two hilts together in the title picture above.

Thanks again go out to Borommakot for allowing me to display his designs here.May I also remind folks of his “daft Pirate YouTube Channel” where you will see more of his Lightsaber exploits including reviews and unboxings. I will leave a link below or you can use the one in the Blogroll in the sidebar!

daft Pirates’ YouTube Channel



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