Barkeeper Lightsaber (a concept saber for Maz Kanata)

The “what if…?” concept gave rise to my next design whose inspiration is the best Barkeeper on Tokodana…Maz Kanata. Maz says she feels the Force but is not a Jedi. I wondered what her saber might look like had she been trained in the ways of the Force and constructed a Lightsaber. I took inspiration from her spectacular Bar on Tokodana. This Lightsaber I call Barkeeper.

I made the hilt small as Maz herself is of small stature, but don’t judge her by her size! Making the hilt this small was possible by using a trick shown to me by a forum member called drgolds, who used pieces called couplers to construct the body. Connecting multiple couplers together formed the handgrip for the saber and gave it the look of the large stone blocks used to build her bar. The emitter was intended to look like the towers and battlements around her complex.

My thanks go out to drgolds for showing everyone this trick, it opened up possibilities to create even more unique looking sabers. I used this technique in another design for a certain robot/car from a blockbuster movie, you’ll get to see this saber in the near future. Once again thanks for your support and looking in.

Star Wars, Maz Kanata, Tokodana and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

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